In Dynamics 365, you can change the stages of business process flows (BPF) without using code.

In case you dont know; you can change the stages of business process flows (BPF) in Dynamics 365 without using code.

Previously, we had to use JavaScript or plugin to make automatic changes in BPF stages but with the updates Dynamics received in recent years, we can change the BPF stage automatically within a workflow. To give a more precise date, we have actually been able to do this since July 2017 🙂

When you create a business process flow, an entity (table) linked to this business process flow is automatically created. In other words, you can even make dashboards and subgrids of this entity. In addition, of course, we have the flexibility to use this entity in workflows.

Below, I will show a BPF that I used on the Opportunity table and the customizations steps.


  • Create a new process.
  • Select Workflow for Category
  • Select the entity with the same name as the BPF you created earlier
  • Mark the workflow to run in the background and create the workflow by pressing the OK button.


  • Check box for Process Changes from the window that opens and open the selection window with the Select button.
  • Do not forget to select the relevant entity from the Record Type section in the new window. When this window is opened for the first time, the record time will be BPF entity. You need to change this to the entity you use your BPF on so that you can use the fields on the related entity for triggering. I selected Opportunity entity.
  • In my scenario, I chose Opportunity Status field because I want to run the workflow when the Opportunity status field changes. After making your selection, press the OK button.





It’s time to create our condition

  • Add the condition checker by selecting the Check Condition option from the Add Step button and select the click to configure option in the next line.
  • Add your conditions in the screen that opens. In my scenario Opportunity Status field on the Opportunity form should be equal to Opportunity. That’s how I added the condition.
  • After adding your condition according to your scenario, exit the condition screen by clicking Save and close.




  • After selecting the Condition line, open the Add Step menu from the top menu and select the Update Record option.
  • Click the Set Properties button after making sure the selected entity is your BPF in the Update step.




  • Select the desired Active Stage from the lookup selection field on this screen and close the page with the “save and close” button.


  • Activate the workflow



Now you can test your flow

  • In my scenario when the status is set to Opportunity, the BPF needs to go to the Opportunity step.
  • I choose Status as ‘Opportunity‘ and save the record


  • Now that we can see the BPF automatically moves to the Opportunity stage, we can say that our flow is running succesfuly.


You can do the same customizations for all your other conditions.

Take care